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EPX on .co.uk

EPX are proud to announce that we have finally acquired the epx.co.uk domain name and it is now live! This is very important news for us because .co.uk is the most influential domain in the UK so it will help us to be more visible in search engines!

Choosing the right domain name for your business is an important process for your marketing. Your domain name represents your company throughout your marketing both on and offline and it is the quickest way for people to interact with your business.

It is getting increasingly difficult to choose your domain because of all the new domain extensions that are becoming available e.g. .uk and .london! So if you are struggling to choose the right domain for you then please give us a call and we would be more than happy to help you choose the right domain for you!

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Pride In Stafford Business Awards 2014

EPX are proud to announce that we came runner up in the “Pride in Stafford Business Awards 2014” in the category for best professional service! We are very proud of this result and we would once again like to thank everybody who voted for us!

Also congratulations to 7 Casting for coming first in the category!

We are very happy with where we ended up but we will be hoping to go one better next year!


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EPX and Shakespeare at Stafford Castle!

Stafford Open Air As You Like It 083

Shakespeare at Stafford Castle has been running for 23 years and has quickly become one of the leading European open air Shakespeare festivals. The event is one of the main attractions of the popular Stafford festival!

This year EPX were asked to provide CCTV, Wi-Fi and an IP phone for direct contact for the event and we were more than happy to oblige! We were flattered to be involved in something that has been a part of Stafford for such a long time!

Stafford Open Air As You Like It 085

We installed a fully managed CCTV system for them to aid in security and we set up a secure Wi-Fi network for both public and private access so that anywhere on site you could access the internet. We also set up a direct line to the castle from our offices so that any problems could be reported and dealt with as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

For the Wi-Fi we also set up a custom holding page where once users were connected to the internet they could go straight to the “Shakespeare at Stafford Castle” official website or Facebook page. We can also create a custom form that means that customers have to sign up to enable Wi-Fi access this can be good for helping with future marketing!


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Leave us a review on Marketplace!

EPX are proud to be part of a community of small business owners through Marketplace! Marketplace is a website that allows people to leave reviews on various businesses that they have used in the past or currently using and we would be ecstatic if you would take the small amount of time to leave us a review!

Marketplace is a great way to find businesses who offer services that you require so it might be worth taking a look around to see if you can find a business who offers something that you need. Everybody on Marketplace is friendly and happy to help in any way that they can.

Not only can you leave reviews and find businesses on Marketplace, it also, allows you to find out more information on the business and even enquire directly through their website. This is great because you can get in touch with multiple businesses from one place without having to go backwards and forwards between websites saving you time and allowing you to compare competitors easily!

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Event WiFi

With years of experience deploying public and private wireless networking solutions, EPX have obtained a wealth of experience designing, deploying & maintaining networks in all sorts of environments.


Some of the more unusual WiFi deployments include:

  • Woodland

Hybrid solution of EPX Microwave broadband connectivity and our public WiFi technology to deploy a wireless network for Nokia’s “Connectors in the Woods” event.

The event took place in a “tent village” in Staffordshire woodland and attracted around 600 WiFi users.


  • Trade shows & Conferences

Temporary public wireless networks with bandwidth-control and captive-portals for in excess of 2,000 end-user devices.

Also including secure private networks through the same infrastructure for the Production team.


  • Festivals

Outdoor wireless deployments.  “Public” SSID’s for the end users mobile devices and “Production team” networks for the computer systems and PDQ devices used by the event staff.

EPX also deployed CCTV for the security office and VoIP for communication in the Production village.


  • Hotels

EPX has had a tremendous amount of experience deploying WiFi to hotels.

Our public wireless network provides all end users with controlled bandwidth,  and isolates them from each other (so guests cannot break into each others computers, as is possible with many public wireless networks!)



As WiFi has almost become “expected” at hotels, restaurants and outdoor events, we can provide the technology to help keep everybody happy.  Not only will public WiFi provide an additional selling-point, but free WiFi allows you to direct guests to a “portal” page advertising your business,  inviting them to “follow you” on Facebook, twitter or other social media – meaning you obtain useful, long-term marketing data.


Another marketing opportunity through WiFi is that you can gather the e-mail addresses of customers, who didn’t leave theirs when they booked or paid on the door, because you can set up a sign up area where people have to sign up with their e-mail address to get onto the WiFi. This will allow you to spread your e-mail marketing across a wider range of people.



EPX designs, deploys and maintains wireless networks.

With our Microwave Broadband services, we can also provide a hefty speed-boost to your connections – even providing very high-speed connectivity in rural areas!

We proactively monitor your network so that you have as little downtime as possible. This allows you to offer your customers the luxury of WiFi easily and you can then reap the benefits for your own marketing!


What next?

For more information on event WiFi, please call us on:

03333 44 00 98

or e-mail info@epx.ltd.uk 

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