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Useful Windows key shortcuts

If you have a keyboard with the windows key on it (the on that looks like a wiggly window) then you can do some timesaving shortcuts with it! Here’s a list of things you can do:

  1. Windows key – displays the start menu
  2. Windows key + E – opens a new Explorer Window.
  3. Windows key + D – minimises all windows that are open and displays the desktop
  4. Windows key + D – opens all windows again
  5. Windows key + F –  displays the Find all files dialog box
  6. Windows key +L – locks your windows XP computer
  7. Windows key + M – minimises all open windows
  8. Windows key + Shift + M – restores all minimised windows
  9. Windows key + R – displays the Run command
  10. Windows key + F1 – displays the Windows Help menu
  11. Windows key + Pause/Break – displays the Systems Properties dialog box
  12. Windows key + Tab – cycles through the buttons on the Task Bar
  13. Windows key + U – displays the Utility Manager with accessibility options
  14. Alt + Tab – toggles between open windows
  15. Windows key + Up Arrow – maximises the current window
  16. Windows key + Left/Right arrow – adjusts thewindow to the left/right side of the screen.
  17. Windows key + Down arrow – minimises thwe window to the Taskbar.
  18. Windows key + T – shows a thumbnail preview of all the application running
  19. Windows key +P – gives you different presentation options for the display of your computer/projector
  20. Windows key + (+ or -) – launches the magnifier so you can zoom in or out.
  21. Windows key + X – runs the Windows Mobility Centre (volume, brightness, wireless etc)
  22. Windows key + Ctrl + F – searches for computers (if you’re on a network)




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