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EPX's Wi-Fi performs for Soul Survivor at Staffordshire County Showground

Earlier this year, EPX completed extensive work to upgrade the Wi-Fi at Staffordshire County Showground, as well as setting up a superfast microwave broadband connection to the site. During the Soul Survivor event, organisers and visitors alike put the Wi-Fi system through its paces.

Cybersecurity: Stampado - yet another urgent ransomware threat discovered

In recent months, we've reported on the rise of malware and, in particular, the threat posed by the seemingly endless new variants of ransomware, such as CryptoLocker and Maktub Locker. When a PC or local network becomes infected with ransomware, all of the data stored on it is encrypted and a demand for a release fee is issued, usually with a time limit.

Office 365 – The JBMI Group makes the move from office-based to cloud-based business email

JBMI's constant investment in cutting-edge technology recently brought into the decision to upgrade their office-based email server to the latest in cloud-based systems. Office 365 is the name given to a group of software packages and services from Microsoft that includes email, cloud storage, the range of Microsoft Office applications and Skype integration.