EPX provides business-grade ADSL, ADSL+2, FTTC and FTTP connectivity solutions starting at just £20 per month.

Larger deployments

Price-breaks are available for 20, 50 and 100 circuits. Ideal for multiple sites, large deployments or providing staff members with home connections for remote-working.

Our lines can be fully managed. If for any reason you need to call technical support for your broadband connection, you call EPX directly and will speak with an IT engineer who knows the details of your location, not a call centre with a script! As such, our fault resolution is much faster than that of other providers and we have direct access to 2nd-line diagnostic tools through our various wholesale partners.

Wholesale Partners

Key Features

  • Up To 74 Mbps available depending on your area.
  • EPX Technical Support - If you need to speak to someone about your line, you call EPX directly and not a call centre.
  • Low Contention Ratios - Our business grade lines have a low contention ratios, typically 1:20. 1:1 ratios are also available.
  • Price Breaks for larger deployments - for 20, 50, or 100 connections and up.
  • Web Filtering/Monitoring - We can centrally provide web filtering and monitoring to your connections.

If you would like more information broadband connections, contact us.
Call us on: 03333 44 00 98 or Email us on:

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