Leased Lines & EFM

EPX Technical Services provide leased lines and EFM (Ethernet First Mile) connections from 2Mbps to 10Gbps. Ideal for businesses requiring fast, secure and reliable connections to the internet or between branch offices.

Key Features

  • Lines are automatically monitored to ensure fast resolution of any faults.
  • 100% internet availability guarantee available.
  • Multiple external IP addresses available.

Whats the different between Leased lines and EFM?

Leased lines consist of a fibre line installed directly into your building. EFM (Ethernet First Mile) is a product where you get a connection over traditional copper wire (multiple lines bonded). EFM is an excellent intermediate solution priced between traditional ADSL technology and leased lines.

Leased Lines - Advantages

  • Line speeds up to 10Gbps (synchronous).
  • Excellent uptime guarantees for mission-critical applications
  • Lower latency

EFM - Advantages

  • Line speeds up to 10Mbps (synchronous)
  • Highly cost-effective

EPX work with multiple wholesalers to locate the best prices - and with our microwave connectivity product as an appropriate alternative, we can provide high-speed connections to any location.

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