Leased line alternative solutions via a wireless microwave network.

EPX utilise specialist networking equipment on commercial radio masts to provide a range of private high-speed network solutions.

A single one of our links can deliver connections of up to 2Gbps over distances of 20 miles with relay-sites increasing the range as far as required.

Connection Types

We actively provide the following type of connections:

  • Point to Point - If you need to connect two locations together either over a road or over a city, EPX can survey the sites, deploy and manage the point to point connections.
  • Internet Access  - If you are in a location unable to obtain fast, reliable internet without the expense of leased lines (and associated “excess charges”). EPX have an excellent track-record delivering high-speed connections to rural or un-serviced areas.
  • Mutli-site VPN - If you are looking for a method to create secure multi-site VPN's, our microwave connections can provide a dedicated connection to each location without ever going near the internet. We can also connect these solutions to more traditional connectivity types using our IP VPN solutions.
  • Diverse Connectivity - If your business requires multiple routes to the internet, our connections provide a truly diverse alternative to reduce your dependency on copper and fibre connections.
  • Emergency/Temporary Internet - EPX has an existing microwave network based in the Midlands, if you find yourself without internet or are holding an event such as a festival, EPX can deploy internet connections within our coverage area within 24 hours. (please see the map below for our coverage)

Our Coverage

As well as developing and installing bespoke solutions, EPX have an existing network of masts located in the Midlands.

Within this coverage area we can rapidly deploy microwave connections of up to 100Mbps.

Below is a map of our coverage area (accurate as of January 2015): (click on image to enlarge)

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