How to ensure that your IT strategy fits in with your business

How to ensure your IT strategy fits in with your business

For IT investment and Business Planning to be successful, it needs to be properly planned and well thought through. This usually begins with the development of an IT strategy, which should follow the wider business strategy. The IT strategy then becomes integral to the business’ goals. IT strategy touches almost every department in a business and as a result, businesses have high expectations from their technological investment. An IT strategy must look at new technologies which are cost effective, increase security, enhance productivity, improve workflows and enhance communications.

So, how can you ensure that your IT strategy fits in with your business?

Making IT integral to the business plan

First of all, it’s important to understand why many businesses struggle to integrate the IT strategy into the business goals and objectives. The most common reason for this is dysconnectivity and is due to IT being seen as a separate entity and a complicated one at that. Instead of including IT within the business strategy, it is often added on as a support function rather than forming an integral part of the business strategy and can quite often be an afterthought. The divide this causes between IT and the wider business can be counterproductive and cause major damage to a business due to the misalignment. Including the IT team at planning stage is where most value can be sought.

Developing the right IT Strategy

IT Strategy; business planning; business IT; IT support can help improve your business performance and lead to more efficient processes, faster response times and more effective supply chains. This performance improvement comes when everyone is working towards a common goal. Common goals create greater collaboration between departments, allows integration to be smoother and helps create a better experience for the clients. Strategy components can include: infrastructure, service offered both internally and to clients, data processes within a business, platforms and applications used, security policies and supplier sourcing.

When creating an IT strategy for a business, looking at the current technology used and understanding why a business is using this technology is very important to planning for the future. Questioning where the business wishes to be over the next 3 to 5 years will also help work out what the new IT strategy should be. Taking a medium to long-term view will allow for an accurate transformation plan to be introduced and implemented.

Included in the IT strategy should be an outline of the IT department/support required to deliver the work and this team should be working to the mission, core values, objectives and goals set out in the business strategy. The team will not be a silo working at arm’s length but should be in partnership with the business, understanding the implications of every action they deliver to the business and its clients. Once the IT strategy is in the place, this will lead to a tactical IT plan which will address all of the of the current and future IT projects and initiatives with timelines, milestones and measurements for success. The plan should be flexible enough to change in response to new organisational circumstances, market and industry conditions, business priorities and objectives, technological advancements and user needs, together with other changes that may impact the business.

Finding the right help

You may already have an IT department in house but they seldomly work in isolation and suppliers are often used to deliver the IT strategy. EPX Technical Services are one of those suppliers who can help an internal IT department with impartial assistance, up to date market knowledge and insights into trends regarding IT strategy and technology. EPX Technical Services can become a valuable support extension to your existing team or help create the IT strategy which the team can then follow into an IT plan for the business.

You may not have an internal IT department and are trying to concentrate on your business while getting caught up in daily challenges with IT. EPX Technical Services are IT Strategy and implementation experts who can help take this challenge from you and look after all your IT needs, leaving you to concentrate on your business.

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