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Absolute Software offer a complete range endpoint management and security solution. Absolute persistence technology gives you a connection with all of your devices in real-time, wherever they are in the world. The software is buildt into the firmware of your device, if efforts are made to remove it, it simply rebuilds itself so you can continually keep track of your assets.

Industry leaders in security and complying with IT governance, Absolute Software is designed to protect your assets, data and business.

Product Range

  • Absolute Computrace - Remotely lock, erase and track computers and mobile devices if they become lost or stolen. Computrace allows an organisation to secure all of their endpoints via a single web interface.
  • Absolute Manage - asset management and security on Windows, Mac and Mobile devices through a single interface.
  • Absolute Manage MDM - standalone management of mobile devices. Configure, query, lock and even wipe managed Devices using the mobile network or Wi-Fi. Track Installed Apps, silently install/remove apps, send security policies and more.

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Absolute Persistence

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