Backup & Business Recovery

With hardware failure an inevitability and network availability critical, having effective methods of protection in place is an essential part of any corporate IT strategy.

EPX Technical Services will comprehensively plan your backup and recovery strategy, and have a range of "standard" solutions to assist;

  • Off-site backup facilities for insurance compliance purposes
  • High-capacity solutions
  • Automated backup with email and SMS alerts available
  • Proactive monitoring provided by outside organisation
  • High-availability solutions for servers

EPX Technical Services have a range of tried and tested solutions for ensuring reliability and security for your computers and servers. We have experience with most major backup systems and methods.

We specialise in automated back-up solutions, and the implementation of policies to ensure that your data is not only safe, but that your business can continue operating as quickly as possible after a disaster occurs.

We can help to implement....

- External Hard drives
Often used in small businesses. Useful as an inexpensive addition to an existing backup.

- Tape Drives
We will work with tape drives if requested. But we do not recommend using them.

- RDX Drives
External hard drives housed in shock-proof housings. The modern equivalent of tape drives.

- NAS Drives
A small server that connects to your existing network infrastructure. Computer systems perform regular backups to these NAS devices irrespective of locations.

- Automated Snapshotting
A benefit of server virtualisation, virtual images of the server can be taken on a regular basis allowing administrators to "roll back" a server back to a previous date.