Infrastructure & Auditing

Having had extensive experience working with distinctly different networks, our engineers are well-placed to ensure your IT systems are prepared for emerging technologies and conform to industry best practices.

EPX Technical Services provides reports and recommendations detailing your current IT system, recognising shortfalls and risks, and suggesting improvements for the future.

EPX will provide quotations appropriate to defined budgets and will advise on priority projects to spread costs over appropriate timescales.

Asset Management

EPX will perform network-wide hardware audits, storing all technical information associated with computer systems – licences, updates, hardware, etc.

Recommendations for replacements, upgrades, etc will be made in a formal report. If required, we can also work with your company to implement the recommendations. Quote Me Icon

Security Vulnerability Scan

A part of our network penetration testing service, EPX will identify potential IT vulnerabilities in your organisation and assist with the implementation of new security solutions and policies. Quote Me Icon

Network Mapping

Using various network diagnostic tools and techniques, EPX can create a map of every computer and device on your network, updating it when changes occur and proactively monitoring your infrastructure so that you always know exactly what is connected to your network. Quote Me Icon