Infrastructure Design & Installation

As well as advising clients on the best infrastructure for their business, EPX Technical Services will work with you to design a system in accordance with your business's needs. This can be setting up a new IT infrastructure, replacing an out-of-date network, or expanding your already-existing network – EPX will provide the design and installation skills you require to take you from your initial brief through to completion.

Our aim is to provide you with a durable, flexible and cost-effective solution to your infrastructure needs, whatever your business size or setup. The right network solution will be individual to your business, reflecting your company's strategy and needs.

LAN and WAN design

EPX have extensive experience in designing LAN and WANs to suit the requirements of many and varied businesses.

We hold partnerships and wholesale accounts with most major networking companies including 3com, HP, Cisco, Ubiquiti, Mayflex, Juniper and Draytek to name but a few.

Our WAN infrastructures can be built with various techniques in mind – including the requirement for datacenter-based equipment, large numbers of sites (see rollouts, below) and the management of large numbers of devices spread over a wide geographical area. Quote Me Icon

Data Cabling

Through our work designing LAN infrastructures over the years, we have built up an excellent network of contractors, well-suited for commercial and industrial structured data cabling.

Efficient structured cabling is the basis for every IT network. EPX are experts in planning, designing and installing data cabling for various networks – from simple multi-site rollouts to thousand-point office buildings.

All of our networks are rigorously tested for reliability after installation. Quote Me Icon


If your business has a requirement to install equipment to large numbers of locations quickly and efficiently, EPX can quickly arrange installation teams to handle the delivery and installation of your IT systems.

Additionally, using our custom-built management software we can monitor the progress of your rollout as it occurs in real-time – keeping you in the loop and making sure your rollout sticks to its deadlines. Quote Me Icon