Network & Cyber Security

Protecting your computers, servers and networks from attacks is a big part of network and IT management. With dramatic increases in viruses, ransom-ware and cryto-lockers, your network is constantly under attack. 

Attacks on your network are not just from people trying to get into your network from the outside world. Attacks originating from inside your own network are becoming one of the main ways attackers are gaining access to your network. They do this by utilizing social engineering and phishing tactics to try and trick employees to open up infected files or make money transfers to wrong bank accounts.

Lots of companies assume they wouldn't be a target for attacks as they are not big enough or their data isn't valuable to anyone else. This isn't the case and the fact is, they are not targeting you or individual companies directly, they are targeting everyone. 

Cyber security is a big concern for all sized businesses. Insurance companies are requiring you have more security in place in order to make your insurance valid. The UK government have brought out a Cyber Essentials Scheme designed to help companies understand and implement best practices for your network to protect and safeguard yourself.

Security Auditing & Implementation

EPX works with our customers to meet and exceed the governments Cyber Essentials scheme. We come into your business and carry out a full security audit covering all aspect of your network including hardware, software, policies and contracts to know exactly where you are with your current security. We will then draw up a recommendation report of changes to allow you to comply with the Cyber Essentials Scheme. 

Following a full security audit, EPX is able to implement and recommend improvements. Alternatively we are able to work with your existing internal IT or support company to implement any of the recommendations also.

EPX carries out yearly security auditing to ensure that any security implementations are being administrated and managed as well as any updates to best practices and Cyber Essentials scheme can be reviewed and integrated into the current solution.

Below is the cyber security life cycle to show the process. 

Penetrative Testing

EPX also offers preventative testing solutions to test and ensure your networks are secure and up to standards. This forms part of the Cyber Essentials Scheme and verifies that you have secured your network.  


A lot of breaches in security are caused by employees not following simple procedures and best practice to minimize security risks. EPX is able to provide training to staff on best practices, what to look out for and what to do if they believe there is an issue. Simple training can drastically reduce the risk of cyber attacks. 

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