Virtualisation is all about optimising your hardware. It allows you to run many servers on a single physical machine. The emergence of virtualisation is due to the increase in power and memory capacity in today's servers which means they are often underutilised and have excess capacity which can be filled with multiple virtual servers.

EPX has partnered with VMware, Citrix and Hyper V to allow us to implement the best solution for your requirements. Using virtual server technology, EPX can consolidate the number of physical servers you have and ensure you are using the full potential of your IT infrastructure.

Having a robust and reliable virtual infrastructure provides your business with several very real, measurable benefits:

Key Features and Benefits

  • Reliability
    Having a server virtualised allows you to simply move one virtual server to another physical server in a press of a button. Useful for performing hardware upgrades with no downtime.
    This process can also be automated so if there was a physical failure of a physical server, any virtualised servers running on it would automatically move to another without interruption to service.
  • Disaster Recovery
    Virtualisation offers a number of disaster recovery benefits.
    The first is that virtualisation removes the dependency of operating system and hardware. If a physical server fails, you can move the virtual server to new equipment which can be completely different to the orginal. This saves time on hardware replacement in the event of a disaster.
    The second key benefit is that backing up your servers is simple. Your servers can be backed up as one big file which can be simply moved from one location to another. You can roll your server back to a particular time and if the worst ever did happen and you have to recover your server to a previous state, it would only take minutes to do as opposed to days if you had to rebuild a non-virtualised server.
  • Scalable
    Virtualisation allows you to simply scale you server requirements as you need. If you need a new server – within a few button presses you have one – with no need to purchase additional hardware. If you need to remove an old server, e.g a test server you no longer need, simply discard it and you have more resources available for the remaining virtual servers. If you need more physical resources you can purchase a new server, add it to the virtual environment and straight away it can be running your virtual servers.
  • Consolidation
    Utilise the full power of your IT equipment, reduce the need for excess hardware resulting in reduced hardware costs, cooling costs and power costs.
    A typical server may use 10-20% of its computing power and 20-30% of its memory at any given time, leaving a lot of room to run multiple virtual servers running on relatively few physical machines.
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