Wi-Fi Design & Installation

With the huge increase in mobile, tablet and other mobile technologies, having a fast, reliable and secure wireless network can be critical for your organisation. Working with both public and private sector, EPX provides Wi-Fi solutions that are appropriate for your requirements and work with your budgets.

EPX designs, installs and maintain wireless networks working closely with our clients to ensure key objectives are met and exceeded. Installing fixed and temporary Wi-Fi solutions, we can help you deliver high speed, high capacity and ultra reliable wireless infrastructures.  

Type of Wireless Networks

    • Point-to-Point / Point-to-Multipoint - for connections between two or more locations close to each other (within 20 miles). Ideal for applications where cost/feasibility of installing cabling is not practical or if a temporary connection is required. With speeds up to 2 Gbps over a 20 mile distance, this connection type is fast, reliable and very cost effective. 

    • Endpoint Wi-Fi - Wi-Fi that provides coverage without dead spots. Normally installed on your current wired infrastructure to provide secure and reliable wireless connection wherever you need it. Standard features such as private and guest networks come as standard, custom requirements are simple to implement as well.

    • Enterprise Site-Wide Wi-Fi - for locations that require site-wide, multi-building and high capacity requirements. EPX works with our clients to design and install an appropriate solution to fit their requirements. This type of installation is ideal for clients such as conference centers, events/show locations, schools, shared accommodation and other locations needing Wi-Fi covering a wide area. 

All our wireless networks are remotely monitored and managed 24/7 a day. 

Technology Partners

Below are some of our technology partners we work with:

Case Studies

Below are a few example of projects EPX has carried out:

Staffordshire County Showground 

Completed in May 2016, EPX designed, installed and maintain a site-wide enterprise grade Wi-Fi installation. Located just north of Stafford, Staffordshire County Showground covers an area of 71 acres with multiple buildings and outdoor locations. Upon completion, over 5 miles of cable and 45 access points were installed. Utilising the latest AC wireless standards, staff and guests can get connection speeds up to 1Gbps.

For more information, please read our case study: Staffordshire County Showground - Case Study.