Moving to EPX

So,  you're interested in moving to EPX in future for your IT.  That's great news!

Here's some information that you might find useful:

What to expect from the first meeting

We start by sending out one of our Directors to come and meet with you.

We generally talk for about an hour and hear what sort of problems you're having,  how you see IT fitting into your business and what sort of relationship you'd like to have with your IT company.  We then have a look over your current systems (or not, if there is a sensitivity issue),  and discuss which of our services will think will be of use to you.

We then make a formal proposal to you,  so that will both know exactly how the relationship will work.

Our first engineer-visit

When we start working with a new customer we prefer for our engineers to see your network first-hand, so that several of our staff have instant familiarity with your network.

As such we generally begin our relationship with a visit from two EPX engineers where we carry out the following work,  free of charge:

  1. Install our remote support software (so our helpdesk can get access to help out end-users)
  2. Install our server-monitoring software (to alert our helpdesk if anything goes wrong)
  3. Meet the end-users and introduce ourselves
  4. Label each computer (when your users call up, we give each computer an asset number, so that we can identify it in our system)
  5. Perform an audit of each computer (so that we know exactly what hardware and software it has)

Moving to us from another IT Company

We have helped move many customers from their current support companies and transitions generally occur with little objection from the incumbent.

In the event of resistance from the current support company,  our engineers have never encountered a network that's "too confusing" to migrate from (even when there is little or no documentation) and passwords have never caused us problems in the past as there are legitimate mechanisms to bypass these problems.