KPIs and how to measure a successful IT strategy

What is an IT Strategy and why do you need one?

An IT strategy provides a blueprint of how technology supports and shapes the organisation’s overall business strategy. Its strategic goals should mirror business projects and take into account the needs of key stakeholders including employees, customers and business partners. The strategy should offer a look at the organisations current technology posture and provide an idea of where IT should head over the chosen time period.

As organisations focus on digital transformation in the digital age, the importance of having an IT strategy has amplified. Regardless of size and industry, IT is an integral part of any business and the technology is essential for business development.

Across a business the reliance on IT will vary from department to department and that is why it is critical for the IT strategy to be carefully considered.A one-size fits all approach to IT can be damaging to a business as each division of the business requires a varying level of IT infrastructure and must have access to the appropriate applications and programmes to work effectively. An IT strategy needs to be tailored to each individual’s business needs to achieve the optimal level of output.

KPIs and Measuring Success

The first step in measuring your IT strategy includes setting up KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). KPIs provide a way to measure how well companies, business units, projects or individuals are performing in relation to their strategic goals and objectives. Clear KPIs are incredibly important to integrate into any IT strategy as they enable organisations to understand whether or not the organisation is on track toward its stated objectives. It is also important to choose the right KPIs for your business as these metrics will be the focus of effort in your organisation. People can easily make avoidable mistakes including defining, organising and tracking when creating a KPI. These mistakes can lead to ineffective KPI management which in turn can reduce the speed of the company’s progression.

When using KPIs to measure a strategies success, it is important to include the latest data and report the findings within the company. Sharing the findings makes the results a source of feedback on the efforts and can be an early warning system for problems that may have arose. Performance dashboards are a helpful tool for tracking KPIs. It has been advised to periodically report back to your team and stakeholders, so they are aware of the current position.

EPX Technical Services – Outsourced IT Services

If your business requires a solid IT strategy to underpin the overall business strategy but is finding it difficult to allocate the appropriate resource to develop it, it is highly recommended to seek support from an external managed IT service provider.

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