Outsourced IT Support

Outsourced IT Support – making IT Support a more managed affair

Outsourced IT Support – making IT Support a more managed affair

Welcome to EPX Technical Services, the Midlands leading Outsourced IT Support provider.

Imagine the power your business would have if you had a strong team of 25 highly skilled IT engineers, the latest technical monitoring software and a super quick response rate for all users of your systems. Your business would become an unstoppable force, where your staff could focus on building your business without having to worry about systems or tech, and be safe in the knowledge that help and support are only one phone call away. This is what EPX Technical Services do best for your business every day.

Founded in 2005, EPX has grown and gone from strength to strength year on year and continue to do so, putting the customer at the centre of our eco system. Below are the values upon which we have built our company;


Our Values

·       We Are Proud Of Our Work

There’s little point in doing a job you don’t love. We hire engineers who genuinely love what they do. We want them to be proud of the work they’ve done when it’s complete.

Our staff reflect on work they’ve done, ask themselves if they’re proud of it and know they couldn’t have done the job any better.

·       Provide Excellent Customer Service

We believe that excellent communication is the key to good work & customer service. All of our staff are trained to communicate with one another, customers & suppliers regularly, politely and empathetically.

·       We Continually Improve

Our IT service-desk gathers job performance & efficiency data so that we can always improve the service we deliver.

Not just limited to the support we provide however, we instil this principle in every department. We self-analyse our business processes on a regular basis to ensure that we are carrying them out as efficiently as possible. Processes are often tested and amendments made where they can have the most impact.

·       We Are Great At What We Do

From account managers to IT engineers, from marketing to finance. Our colleagues support one another to succeed in their roles, and we always work on tasks to the absolute best of our ability.

·       We Innovate

Determined to stay ahead of the technology curve, we have procedures to research, design & test new technologies to ensure that we and our customers never miss out on new developments.

We investigate new business processes, automation technologies and tools to improve all areas of the business.


As one of the leading providers of Outsourced IT Support in the Midlands, EPX offer all of our customers unrivalled IT support. We have a large IT support desk located at our Head Office in Stafford and our IT Support contracts are built to suit all business sizes and technical requirements. We manage the IT essentials such as IT Consultancy, IT Infrastructure, IT Support, IT Security and Network Connectivity.


Our Outsourced IT Solutions

·       xCover Helpdesk

EPX IT Support services are designed around the needs of our customers. We have a dedicated IT Support helpdesk ready to take calls from your users. When you require assistance, our engineers are the first point of contact making our First Contact Resolution second to none.

We realise that customer service is just as important as technical ability, our engineers are trained to take an empathetic approach to queries and provide a personalised service to each customer.

·       xCover Total

xCover Total works across networks from less than 20 computers to over 500 computers. For most sizes of company, the solution works well, decreasing the burden on in-house staff and providing predictable budgets to upper-management.

Under this contract, all of your IT needs are met, including IT Support, Hardware provision, Information Security, Network Management, Licensing costs and Backup – no surprise bills.

·       xCover Observe

xCover Observe ensures that faults or potential faults with pieces of equipment are spotted ahead of time so that they can be dealt with by an engineer.

Our software is already used to monitor hundreds of machines across the Country and has been critical in spotting issues before they become a big problem.


At EPX, we provide many Outsourced IT Solutions. Amongst our many skill areas, we have specialisms in next-generation technologies, including:


Network Communication Solutions

Specialist Wireless Networks

With years of Wireless Networking experience and a huge number of deployments under our belts, our engineers are skilled in installing & managing commercial networks, temporary networks (live events), accommodation Wi-Fi (from caravan parks to university accommodation).

Microwave Wireless Networks

Where traditional broadband solutions & leased lines prove not to be cost-effective, EPX can deliver up to gigabit 1:1 leased-line grade technology using radio links from our network of masts throughout the Midlands.


EPX pride ourselves on providing solutions that fit your business, meet your expectations and do a whole lot more than just IT Support. So when your business grows, we are on hand to grow with you and provide the technical know-how and tools that you need, when you need them.

With over 15 years’ experience in the IT industry, we have helped 1000’s of businesses to grow using their technology.

To make your IT support a more managed affair, contact us on 03333 44 11 98 or email info@epx.co.uk